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Computers, Internet and New Technology Laws by Karnika Seth
Trail of the Trolls: Bullying and abuse on the Internet is on the rise, Smitha Verma,The Telegraph
Online censorship is sycophantic, stupid, & unconstitutional, The Sunday Guardian, Dec 11, 2011
Capital cry against Web gag, The Telegraph , Dec 8,2011
Google Sued for Showing Defamatory Results, Rob D Young , Hindustan Times June 23, 2011

Karnika Seth is the Chairperson and Founder of the CCC, World’s first integrated research centre dedicated to promoting knowledge and rendering legal consulting and cyber forensics in the domain of Cyberlaws in India and across the globe. Karnika Seth is a distinguished expert in the field of Cyberlaws and heads the commercial laws and Information technology practice of Seth Associates, an established Indian law firm with expertise in all fields of Commercial laws Practice.She was recently conferred with the Law Day Award for authoring the book Computers,Internet and New Technology Laws published by Butterworths Lexis nexis.

She has significant & diverse transactional experience encompassing Internet and e-commerce laws, Business laws, International Trade and Intellectual Property laws and is Principal legal advisor to many Multinational Groups, Corporate houses, Public and Private sector companies, Corporations and Government entities. She has actively resolved many Cybercrime cases in conjunction with the Cyber crime cell, Delhi, and Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police and other law enforcement agencies in India.

She has acted as legal advisor to reputed multinational companies in joint ventures, foreign collaborations, IT outsourcing projects & various commercial arrangements and advised on both online and offline projects for launch of products and services in the Indian Market. She is legal advisor to multinational and Indian corporate houses on cyberlaw, Intellectual property and business law issues including Mitsubishi, Reliance Group, SMC pneumatics, Escorts Group, Indo Asian, Denso, Legris Group, Steel Authority of India, Pisani Group to name a few clients.

Karnika Seth graduated in Law from the Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. She studied Cyberlaws at the Amity Law School, Delhi in the year 2000 and received her the Masters degree in Law in Corporate & Commercial laws, Intellectual property , Internet laws, International Trade & Arbitration from the King’s college, University of London in the year 2002. She is also an Associate Member of AEA International, the International Association of European lawyers and is an active Member of the International Bar Association, Bar Council of Delhi, India, the Supreme Court of India Bar Association, Delhi High Court Bar Association, the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Indian Council of Arbitration.

Ms. Seth has authored articles and reviewed books on various legal issues in Information Technology and Business laws for several reputed publications such as Patent & Trademark Reporter, Halsbury’s laws Journal, Indian Council Of Arbitration Journal, Cyber times newspaper, and online information portals such as tradeindia.com and stands appointed to the International Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Cybercrimes & Criminal Justice.

She is an active Speaker on Cyberlaw issues in conferences organized by FICCI, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers and other leading institutions of the country and in various cyberlaw discussions held on television. She delivers special workshops on Information technology law and practice to honorable Judges from the Judiciary, lawyers, senior Government officers, IAS officers, police officers and IT professionals. She has been Visiting Faculty for cyberlaws at Amity law School, the Indian law Institute, National Institute of Financial Management and delivers guest lectures on cyberlaws in other reputed educational institutions of the country.

B.A (Eng. Hons.), LL.B(University of Delhi), PGD (Internet Laws) , Amity law school, New Delhi LL.M in Corporate and commercial laws ( University of London), Masters in law degree in Internet law, Intellectual property ( London School of Economics) , International Trade laws, Banking laws ( King’s college London) , International Commercial Arbitration( Queens Mary College, University of London).
Professional Appointments
Chairperson & founder, Cyberlaws Consulting Centre Cyber lawyer & IP Expert Partner and Head, Commercial laws & Information Technology, SETH ASSOCIATES Member of Editorial Board of International Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Cybercrimes & Criminal Justice
Cyber Laws
Intellectual Property Law
International Commercial Arbitration & ADR
Corporate & Commercial Law
International Trade Law
Launch of products & services
Agency and Distribution
Antidumping laws
Representative Consulting Services: Karnika Seth, cyberlaw expert
Karnika Seth was conferred the Lawday Award for authoring Book titled Computers Internet and New Technology laws' published by Butterworths lexisnexis,in 2012 by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and the Law Minister
Represented a reputed automobile Group in cybercrime case involving Data theft and infringement of intellectual property.
Advised on cyber crime case against Makemytrip.com for fraudulent debits from a consumer’s credit card account.
Advised a well known music recording company on intellectual property, brand valuation and other legal issues in cyberspace.
Represented a major auto parts manufacturing concern in a cyber crime investigation case.
Rendered legal and forensic services to investigate a cybercrime action against Orkut/Google/impersonator in Defamation and libel cases.
Advised to Online publishing company based in India on cybercrime related matters.
Handled an administrative action on a trademark infringement complaint lodged with Google against Naukri.com.
Advised to a Swiss company hosting a social networking site for Cyberlaw India compliance issues.
Advised to OSD coke ltd on cyberlaw related matters , legality of transaction and e- contracts
Advised Asia’s largest golf balls manufacturer on negotiating & executing commercial contracts including Manufacture-supply agreements, trademark license & technology license agreements with renowned foreign companies.
Formalized a business purchase, brand acquisition & asset purchase agreement for acquiring a unit or business undertaking of a U.S based multinational company.
Advised reputed publishing house based in USA to check copyright infringements in India
Advised Insurance consultancy company to protect its Intellectual property assets in India
Advised Al salam bank, Dubai on Intellectual property Asset Management issues.
Advised renowned Manufacturers of Spanish wines and olive oil to launch businesses in India and protect its intellectual property rights.
Represented a reputed Canadian Dental Education Software Company in a copyright infringement matter before the Indian Courts.
Acted as Advisor to a US based IT company to formalize Software Services arrangement with an Indian IT company.
Advised on copyright issues and formalized publishing contracts with world renowned publishers
Represented a London based company in protecting Intellectual property and conducting registrations worldwide.
Advised on registration of trademarks in India for a Malaysian gaming company
Acted as Advisor to a French company in setting up of STP unit /SEZ unit in India.
Advised to Indian Music Recording companies on protection of their Intellectual property rights in India and abroad.
Advised to an American client in a domain name dispute before National Arbitration forum- ICANN Domain Name dispute Resolution policy.
Represented an Indian exporter in a domain name dispute before World Intellectual Property Organization -an ICANN dispute resolution policy matter.
Represented a famous recruitment services website in india in an administrative inquiry involving Google in online trademark infringement case
Incorporated a company in Bangalore for a Slovakian Company in India in ITES sector
Incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary in India for a reputed software development company based in America
Incorporated a company for a French IT based company in India
Principal advisor to an IT company based in Panama for acquisition of existing companies in India and formation of company in India for the Parent company
International Bar Association
Member, Supreme Court of India Bar Association
Member, Indo Italian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Member of AEA (The European Association of Lawyers)
Member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association
Bar Council of Delhi
Member of the Indian Council of Arbitration
Member of British Council Alumni Association India.
Member of the International Editorial Advisory Board of ‘International Journal of Cyber Crime and Criminal Justice
Member of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Member, International Association of IT lawyers
Panel Expert, Nitron circle of experts
Embracing information technologies for professional excellence, 22nd Dec 2012,ICSI
Appreciation of electronic evidence , course on investigation of cybercrime level II for subinspector to SSp and APP to Sr. PP of CBI and state police , CBI, 14 dec 2012
The Universe of cyberlaws-Issues in cyber technology and the Law in specialized training programme on sensitization and cyber forensics for higher judicial service officers of M.P , NP, 11 Dec 2012
IT Act 2000 with amendments and case studies, appreciation of electronic evidence and casestudies , a course of subinspectors to DSP in investigation of cybercrime, CDTS(BPR&D) CBI,5Dec 2012 .
Tracing development of IT laws, National conference of judges of district judiciary on IT Act and cyberlaws 30 Nov 2012,NJA
Use of electronic evidence for investigation and trial with reference to IT Act 2000 and its amendments in course on investigation of plastic card frauds , e-banking frauds and using electronic evidence for investigation and trial with reference to IT Act,2000, 7Nov 2012, CBI
Appreciation of electronic evidence, National Investigation Agency , 5 Nov 2012
Tackling emerging social engineering threats,Changing landscape of India’s homeland security, IFSEC2012,homeland security India conference,India expocentre, Greater NOIDA, 1st Nov 2012
The legal aspects of digital evidence , Digital investigators Association, 31 oct 2012,IHC
Overview of IT Act 2000 and its amendments in course on specialized training programmes on cyberlaw and computer forensics for judicial officers of HJS(MP) cadre ,9 Oct 2012
Social networking sites vs freedom of speech and expression, 5oct 2012, Amity law School
Information technology Act,2008 and legal aspects of digital evidence, 31 August 2012, CBI in course on advance concepts of cybercrime investigation and cyberforensics
Roundtable meet on liability, due diligence and guidelines for intermediaries, 2 August 2012
Discussion on IT law in India,1st Feb 12, ILI
Developing IT law in India, 17 March 2012, IIT Delhi
Cybercrimes and investigations,CB,11 April 2012
Electronic evidence in investigations, CB, 23 May 2012
Round Table Meeting , the Citizen Engagement and Social Media , 15 Dec 2011,Delhi
Training in E-commerce models and EDI , Offences and punishment under IT Act,2000, ILI, 1February 2012
National Seminar on Cyber Law on 19th November, 2011, IMS Law College, Noida (U.P.).
Using Electronic Evidence for Investigations and Trial under IT Act, CB , 15 Nov 2011
Legal framework in which investigations under IT Act are conducted, CB , 10 Aug 2011
National Seminar on Cyber threats, Issues and Challenges, ITS , G. Noida, April 2nd , 2011
Children rights and issues and concerns, DAV forum, 25th August, 2011 Delhi
Cyber law programme, AP, 22 May 2011
Cyber meet, Uttarakhand, 21 May 2011
Rising cybercrimes and Youth of today, 12 May 2011, Dehradun
Facing the cyberlaws challenge, DSC, 7 March 2011
Insight into the IT laws , ITS, 2 April 2011
Information Technology Act and latest developments in law, IFM, 4 Feb 2011
cyberlaws & emerging challenges, Delhi, 31 Jan 2011
International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Commercial Arbitration,ODR, 18 Dec 2010
Strategies to enforce cyberlaws, Mumbai, 19 Dec 2010
International Conference of Jurists, Cyberlaw enforcement, 18 December, 2010
Learning with Social Media, AUME, 11 December 2010
National Seminar on Detection of Cybercrimes, NPA,28 June 2010
challenges in combating cybercrimes, CIRC, 25 July 2010
Introduction to Cyberlaws -AFS ,Delhi, 15 July 2010
Workshop on Cybercrime,18th June 2010
Click Here to Download Presentation
Workshop on Cybercrime, DPS Noida, 20th May 2010
Click Here to Download Presentation
National Seminar on Enforcement of Cyberlaw, New Delhi on 8 May 2010
Click Here to Download Presentation
Information Technology Laws and Related Intellectual Property, Faculty of law, Delhi University, 19th March 2010
Click Here to Download Presentation
Seminar on Enforcement of Cyberlaw by National Project Committee and Cyber Appellate Tribunal, 31 January 2010, Delhi
Click Here to Download Presentation
Launching Investigation, prosecution and defending of a computer related crime , 29th&30th Oct, Mumbai
Click Here to Download Presentation
Workshop for police personnel "Information Technology Act 2000- An overview", Indraprastha University, Delhi
Workshop For Training Police officials , IP University Delhi, 29th June 2009
Workshop for training Police personnel IP University, Delhi ,29th June 2009
Lectures on cyberlaws & cybercrime investigation training imparted to Delhi Police at IP University on 20th June 2009 and 27th July 2009.
Conference on "Protecting Children in cyberspace" 41st World Telecommunication and Information Society Day IETE,17 May 2009, New Delhi
Click Here to Download Presentation
National Seminar on Information Security : "Emerging Threats and Innovations in the 21st century", 4th April 2009,Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad
Click Here to Download Presentation
Karnika Seth, cyberlawyer & chairperson , CCC , regularly contributes her expert views on current legal issues particularly related to Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights. She recently spoke on cyber law issues of Internet censorship in India & China, employee surveillance, cybercrimes such as credit card frauds, impersonation frauds, online pornography, and Data Protection Issues, cyberterrorism in a series of panel discussions broadcasted by various Television channels including CNN IBN, NDTV, News24, NewsX , Zee Tv.
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Discussion on software engineer sues Police, Bharti - Jailed for cybercrime , CNN Ibn-14 Jan 2007. 
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Authored a comprehensive book titled " Computers, Internet and New Technology Laws" published by Butterworths Lexisnexis in 2012 . The book received the Law Day Award from the Hon'ble Chief Justice of India and the Hon'ble Law Minister . 
Chapter on cyberlaws in India,Annual Survey of Indian law,Indian Law Institute( 2012).   Click Here to Download Pdf File
Paper titled "Evolving Strategies For The Enforcement Of Cyberlaws", High Level Consultation Meeting for formulation of a National Policy and Action plan for Enforcement of Cyberlaw , New Delhi,31, Jan 2010 
Paper titled "IT Act, 2000 v IT Act, 2008 - Implementation, Challenges, and the Role of Adjudicating Officers", National Seminar on Enforcement of Cyberlaw , New Delhi , 8th May 2010  Click Here to Download Pdf File
Paper titled Enforcement Of Cyberlaws In Indiaā€¯ presented at the National Seminar on Detection Of Cybercrimes ,Hyderabad , 28 June 2010 
Paper titled "Online Dispute Resolution", International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Commercial Arbitration, Online Dispute Resolution, Construction Industry Arbitration Council, India Habitat Centre, Delhi, December 18-19 ,2010  
Paper titled "Strategies For Enforcement Of Cyberlaws", submitted at High Level Consultation Meeting for Formulation Of A National Policy and Action Plan For Enforcement of Cyberlaw , MJA, 18-19 December , 2010  
Protecting Intellectual property in Cyberspace, 19 March 2010, Law faculty Seminar on Cybercrimes at Delhi  Click Here to Download Pdf File
Electronic Evidence - SMS, MMS,E-Mails, Lex witness, Jan 2010 
Product Liability in the Asia-Pacific- Seth Associates Authored the India Chapter  
Special focus - International commercial arbitration- Halsbury’s law June 2008.  Click Here to Download Pdf File
Real Estate Sector in India- An Update- published in Indian Realty , The Changing Landscape, ICFAI University Press-2007  Click Here to Download Pdf File
"Phishing - The New Online Cybercrime"  Read More ...
"History and Evolution of Patent Law- International and National Perspective"-Patent & Trade Mark Reporter- 2004 Part 1 & 2 January to June 2004- Amity University Press Publication   Click Here to Download Pdf File
"International Commercial Arbitration"- Amity Law Review, Vol 3 Part 2 Vol 4 Part 1 July 2002- June 2003- at page 54  Click Here to Download Pdf File
"Frustration of Contract and Impossibility of Performance"- Amity Law Review, Vol 4 Part 2 July - Dec 2003- at page 104  Click Here to Download Pdf File
"The Madrid system of International Registration of Trademarks - An insight into the Indian perspective".   Read More ...
"Alternative Dispute Resolution to Online Dispute Resolution" , ICA Journal  Click Here to Download Pdf File
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KARNIKA SETH CHAIRPERSON, CCC, CORPORATE LAW OFFICE B-10, Sector 40, NOIDA-201301, N.C.R, India Tel: +91 (120) 4352846, +91 (120) 2500052, +91 9810155766 Fax: +91 (120) 4331304   E-mail: karnika@cyberlawsconsultingcentre.com www.cyberlawsconsultingcentre.com
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