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Computers, Internet and New Technology Laws by Karnika Seth
Trail of the Trolls: Bullying and abuse on the Internet is on the rise, Smitha Verma,The Telegraph
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Capital cry against Web gag, The Telegraph , Dec 8,2011
Google Sued for Showing Defamatory Results, Rob D Young , Hindustan Times June 23, 2011
Chairperson’s Message

Welcome to the Cyberlaws Consulting Centre!

At CCC, we envisioned to establish the World’s first integrated cyberlaws consulting centre and achieved enormous success! CCC depicts cyber empowerment and acme techno- legal acumen which is indeed indispensable to each of us who consistently depend on Computers and internet for transacting business, as means of communications and entertainment. Whereas using internet seems quite simple, simple acts of clicking of a mouse could formalize a clickwrap contract with a user. Internet users are often oblivious of the legal implications of their acts performed on internet and specific laws that govern the cyberspace. This is where CCC holds its core expertise. CCC’s domain of services is as wide as the borderless expanse of cyberspace. The Centre aims to contribute knowledge to promote the development of cyberlaws across the globe and renders expert legal consulting & cyber forensics services to its vast portfolio of clients both , domestic and international comprising of corporate entities & individuals, government authorities, private and public corporations and NGOs.

As we proceed in the new millennium marked by dramatic advances in technology, CCC aims to provide a one stop solution as an apex cyberlaw consulting organization and technically optimal cyber forensics facility. Our core strength lies in the expert team of cyber lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical consultants and forensic experts who have unraveled the most mysterious multijurisdictional hacking attacks & phising scams and assisted Indian Government authorities in prosecuting cybercrime cases.

CCC compares and analyzes the latest developments in cyber law in various parts of the world to effectively advise its foreign corporate clients and government organizations. The Centre is also significantly contributing to the growth of cyberlaw in India.

It recently filed a detailed recommendation paper to amend the Information Technology Act, 2000 and delivered special lectures on the subject to Judges, Senior officers of the Government, police personnel, IT professionals, chartered accountants and lawyers.

CCC believes in constant progression and meeting harder challenges to build more and more success stories… Our clients have expressed their experience with CCC as simply exhilarating! I sincerely welcome you at the Cyberlaws Consulting Centre.

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved and eager to raise the bar higher still. We would be proud to include your organization among our satisfied clients.

Karnika Seth
Chairperson, Cyberlaws Consulting Centre
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