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Cyberlaw Knowledge Centre at CCC is created to increase public awareness on cyberlaws & intellectual property laws and policy in India and other parts of the world. Its aim is to serve as a legal encyclopedia to laws governing the cyber space. It is a one stop resource for students, IT lawyers and professionals, technocrats who need to be well equipped with updated information for their professional requirements. Its sections comprise of cyberlaw dictionary, cyberlaws framed by International organizations and different countries and describes the landmark cases across the world in domain of cyberspace. The Cyberlaws Knowledge Centre also encapsulates a compendium of articles written by CCC’s cyberlaw experts and other authors from around the world and power point presentations delivered by cyberlaw experts and other cyberlawyers from different parts of the world. The Cyberlaw Knowledge Centre also aims to update readers with latest news in the cyberworld and provide information about the forthcoming conferences and workshops pertaining to the world of information technology.

Cyberlaw dictionary is an alphabetical reference guide to technical and legal terms related to the Internet. The site you are now browsing contains over 500 definitions of words drawn from Standard Internet English including technical terms, hacker slang, and acronyms.Our editorial goal in compiling cyberlaw dictionary is to descriptively reflect Standard Internet English: English words as they are commonly used in cyberspace. We've given preference to terms that are widely used, like modem or bandwidth, and to those that describe new concepts specific to the Internet experience such as phising or cyberstalking.  more...

Cyberspace is devoid of all territorial boundaries and nations have accepted this reality by aiming to evolve its cyber space laws as uniform as possible – be it equivalence of electronic signatures to handwritten signatures or equivalence of paper to electronic documents. Although in certain subject areas the countries reflect divergent views yet in some areas a uniformity or consensus has been achieved. This section of CCC is a comprehensive database of some important laws that different countries in the world have enacted to govern the internet world.  more...

Cyberspace is a borderless space devoid of all physical demarcations and laws that govern cyberspace therefore cannot be territory specific. It is a constant challenge to frame laws that govern the cyberspace due to the peculiar nature of the internet world. Complex legal issues emanate from interactions over internet, flow of data and communications. On this subject, International organizations are attempting to draft model laws and guidelines for cyberspace that countries can adopt by enacting suitable legislations. Readers will find in this section of CCC, the International organizations and the cyberspace laws that have been drafted by the initiatives of these organizations.  more...

Cyberspace is a complex media of communication and data exchange. Whereas phenomenon such as e-commerce activity has been a great impetus to transacting businesses online, cyberspace has led to complex disputes inherent to the nature of internet itself such as domain name disputes, copyright infringements, data thefts, and cybercrimes . This Section of CCC presents an encyclopedia or reference guide to some land mark cases decided in the domain of cyberlaws by different countries on important subject matters such as copyright infringements and cybercrimes besides other cyber disputes.  more...

We at CCC appreciate that sometimes a power point presentation can be instrumental in clearing netconcepts much faster than reading a book ! CCC here aims to present a netbank of Power point presentations made by CCC at important cyberlaw forums and conferences and by other presenters from different parts of the world on important subject areas of Cyberlaws and Intellectual property.  more...

This Section of Cyber Knowledge centre of CCC is a collection of introspective articles written by CCC and other authors across the world to demystify the cyberspace regime! These articles reflect the insight and reasoning of CCC cyberlaw experts and authors and policy makers across the globe that could serve as a valuable asset in legal research and policy development pertaining to the cyberspace.  more...

Cyberspace is a complex borderless space and its dynamism lies in the rapid changes in law and technology that emanate from use of the internet and computers by us. It is often difficult to grasp all important technical and legal aspects of the internet world. The cybertutorials aim to simply this task by familiarizing the beginners with use of computers and internet and provide tutorials of advanced levels for clearing networking and computing and other internet related concepts for professionals. The tutorials are classified in two categories for easy reference- Beginner modules and Professional modules.  more...

This Section of CCC provides information about the recent and forthcoming conferences and workshops organized by different forums and organizations to promote the understanding of law applicable to the internet world.  more...

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