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Computers, Internet and New Technology Laws by Karnika Seth
Trail of the Trolls: Bullying and abuse on the Internet is on the rise, Smitha Verma,The Telegraph
Online censorship is sycophantic, stupid, & unconstitutional, The Sunday Guardian, Dec 11, 2011
Capital cry against Web gag, The Telegraph , Dec 8,2011
Google Sued for Showing Defamatory Results, Rob D Young , Hindustan Times June 23, 2011
Karnika Seth, cyberlawyer & IP expert who is also the chairperson & founder of CCC , regularly contributes her expert views on current legal issues particularly related to Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights. She recently spoke on cyber law issues of Internet censorship in India & China, employee surveillance, cybercrimes such as credit card frauds, impersonation frauds, online pornography, and Data Protection Issues in a series of panel discussions broadcasted by various Television channels including CNN IBN and NDTV.

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Highlights of Media Interviews -
Protecting speech on internet- sec 66A IT Act Headlines today-6 dec 2012 
freedom of speech and internet Ndtv-8 dec 2012 
facebook issue - S.66A IT Act 29 Nov 2012 –Ndtv 
privacy vs google terms 17 dec2012- rajya sabha tv 
Freedom of speech /google and privacy issue15 nov 2012 –Ndtv 
censoring the internet,CNN ibn -27 June 2012- 
Defamation law in India, India TV, 15 April 2012 
Censorship of the Internet, Headlines Today, 6th Dec 2011 
On Ministers alleged watching objectionable material in Assembly, CNNibn, 9 Feb 2012  
Developing responsibility on Internet, VIPS, 17 Jan 2012 
Regulating Social media, Rajya Sabha TV,17 December 2011  
On regulating Internet, NDTV, 8th Dec 2011 
Chinese Hackers Hack Indian Consulate in USA, India News, 30 March 2009. 
Watch that e-motional trap, DNA - March 4, 2009  Read More
Is blogging a cybercrime? CNNIbn, March 4,2009  Read More
What do you do when you see yourself defamed online?, CNN-IBN- Feb 19, 2009   Read More
A debate on Data Protection Issues In India, CNN IBN - 13 Feb 2009  Read More
Mumbai goes wifi- a cybersecurity issue ? -News x , July 30,2008  
A debate on surveillance in work place, 5 June, 2008 ,CNNibn 
A debate on Employee surveillance issues , CNNibn, 8 May 2008 
Legislation against spammers soon, computer networking news   Read More
Combating credit card frauds- A special coverage - NDTV -3 April 2008 
Plastic money & Credit card frauds- News 24 channel- 3 April 2008. 
Doctor convicted of life sentence for pornography on net- 11 Feb 2008 , CNN ibn. 
Should the Indian Government ban suicide websites? - March 17,2008,Cnn ibn 
Cheating by impersonation-Bhutto's fake profile in facebook-A discussion CNN- 4th Jan 2008. 
Fake IDs on Facebook ring more alarm bells  Read More
Orkut, Facebook-users targets for cyber criminals   Read More
Fake profiles on blogs - A discussion at CNN -12th November 2007. 
Combating cybercrime in Delhi-5th October 2007-NDTV 'Delhi Life' show 
Panel discussion in CNN ibn on 21Aug 2007  Read More
Discussion on legal aspects in re: Hyderabad engineering college MMS case in CNN ibn on 22 Aug 2007. 
Play Safe with Plastic Money - CNN-IBN | Jun 12, 2007  Read More
Cybercrimes in India - phising scams and more  Read More
Discussion on software engineer sues Police, Bharti - Jailed for cybercrime , CNN Ibn-14 Jan 2007. 
Digital Signatures in India   Read More
CNN IBN reports Call centres gear up to fraud-proof ops  Read More
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