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Seeking fingerprints in cyberspace


Seeking fingerprints in cyberspace

–Karnika Seth, cyber lawyer and Chairperson of Cyberlaws Consulting Centre, Seth Associates

‘Parents must monitor PC usage’
Most colleges in Mumbai have blocked ‘unwanted’ websites. Students in their computer labs can only access educational websites, in some schools and colleges, internet access is barred and is activated only when needed.

We hear of cases where students use cyberspace to get at someone or ridicule rivals.

They are at a vulnerable age, and they make commit an act without knowing the consequences of their behaviour.

They don’t know that what they might think is harmless or fun is considered a crime and they can be hauled up for the same.
Hence, students should be taught not only in school and colleges, but also at home about the ill effects of such actions.

In most cases, students use either cyber cafes or the internet facility at homes to surf pornographic websites. They rarely abuse the internet facility in educational institutes because they know that they will be caught due to the constant surveillance.

Hence the onus doesn’t lie on teachers but on parents because today everyone has a computer and internet access at their residence.

Therefore, parents need to keep a tab on their children and see what they are the surfing on the internet.They must warn them about the consequence of abuse.

The police plan to get cyber owners to install fingerprinting systems and webcams to deter any possible misuse of public computers is good. Now, people will think twice before misusing cyberspace.
There should also be surveillance on the computer monitors in cyber cafes, cameras should be able to record the activity on computer screens.

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